Pugsicle: The treat that slobbers back


Pugsicle! Get it?!

It’s a popsicle that’s ALSO a pug!

Lay off, PETA. It’s not a real pug head on a popsicle stick, alright? It’s more like one of those Ninja Turtles or Sonic the Hedgehog frozen treats you get from the sketchy Ice Cream truck that drives around your neighborhood. With the gumball eyes that were always sliding down the face. Or they’re misplaced and on the side of the dude’s cheek?

The popsicles that turned your dreams into screams. You know the type.

Not this guy, though. He’s Pugsicle perfection. Bullet proof. Perfectly placed ocular balls. Every. Damn. Time.

The kind of popsicle you feel guilty biting into because LOOK AT THAT FACE.

Anyway, just started derping around in Illustrator and I drew a pugs face. I was like “heh, kinda like where this little guy is heading” so I kept it going.

Then, to myself, I said “heh, well look at that! Why don’t I throw this little fella on a popsicle stick? Heh.” Then I did that! And I painstakingly drew the texture of the popsicle stick in blue. ATTENTION TO DETAIL. YOU MUST HAVE IT.

Then I showed the drawing to my friend and she was said “draw a bite taken out of it’s head!” And I stopped being friends with her right after that.

Then I put the drawing on Tumblr and suddenly 1 billion quadrillion people started sharing it and reblogging it because APPARENTLY EVERYBODY IN THE FUCKING WORLD LOVES PUGS. I am NOT complaining. I couldn’t believe the reaction. So much Tumblr activity that the battery on my phone couldn’t hold a charge. Maybe that’s because I have a terrible phone, though. WHATEVER. Can’t you just let me enjoy this!?

Then it got featured on Redbubble! And put in the Society6 site store! PUGSICLE IS KILLING IT.

I can’t believe how much people like dogs, man. I love that most of the world shares my love for K-9s. I have the best dog in the world and I’d take a damn bullet for that pooch.

Sorry to ramble. Check out Pugsicle on Redbubble and Society6. AND DESIGN BY HUMANS!?!? WHAAAAT! (more on that later…)

I’ll do a FEATURED MERCH post on this later. Stay tuned.

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