Sticker Face Resurfaces!

sticker face
Sticker Face. The horrible abomination from circa 2012…ish

An early drawing done on the Wacom Intuos. You can tell it’s early because look at that heavy handed line work. It’s like I have an Incredible Hulk hand.

Sticker Face was meant to be a branding idea initially. He was supposed to be a sticker that you could slap on things and people would go “oh hey! HAHA! That’s Strange Things Art!” Yeah, but it doesn’t really work like that does it? Mainly because no one knows who Strange Things Art is, and also because Sticker Face is not drawn all that well.

But I, never being one to let old projects die completely, decided to give this one a bit of a tune up. I basically adjusted the colors and added a textured background, but I think it helped a bit. It actually looks O.K on some things at the Redbubble shop. Just… O.K…

At least now he can be what he was created to be… A sticker… A sticker face.

The jury is still out on what Sticker Face actually is. Is it a moon? A cheese pizza with sausage lips? Something entirely different? Yes. Yes to all those.

I’ve been updating a lot of older things in the store, trying to make them somewhat relevant again. Updated the Cycloptic Breath, made a graphic tee available for Abstracto Maxo  (check it out — it looks ridiculous), and my personal favorite, completely revamped the old Skull Gears design. I think it came out pretty sweet.

Check out Sticker Face at Redbubble. He’s lonely. Give him a heart.

I’m working on something completely… Weird right now… I don’t know what’s going to come of it, but I’m kind of excited. I’ve been plugging away at whilst watching the WWE Network. I love Kevin Owens.

Click through the slideshow below to look at some stuff. That is all.

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