Spruce The Moose Joins the Pranksters


spruce the moose

Please join me in welcoming the newest member of the Prankster Gang!

Look at those mitts. Looks like someone went and inflated a pair of surgical gloves and stuck them to this boys face.

Such a calm, cool, collected stare. Gazing deep through his stylish glasses. Teaching you a lesson or two. That’s Spruce the Moose for ya. Heh.

Looks like the love child of a Goomba and a construction worker. This boy doesn’t mess around. He’ll tell you what it’s all about. He’ll snap you into place and dish some truth to your face!

But, that’s Spruce the Moose for ya. Heh.

Floating and gloating around. Telling ya’ll better “STEP OFF” (his words not mine). Sure, he can be a little brash. A little rough around the edges. But you know what they say.

That’s Spruce the Moose for ya. Heh.

Oh, you think this isn’t one bad, buff, boy? Think again compadre. He will hop the first train to your swamp and use his powerful latex hands to slap the taste out your mouth and noogie you into submission. You ever have someone rub a pair of rubber gloves on your head before? It hurts. And you better believe that’s Spruce the Moose’s signature move.  The Sprucenstiener.

Spruce the Moose is here just in time for the holidays, ya dig? Because for every crude and rude attitude, there’s a soft and delicate side. Spruce is the kinda brother that will buy toys for the tots every year and anonymously donate them to children in need. You thought this bad dude couldn’t have a softer side? Think again pal, and don’t you ever try to judge a book by it’s cover again.

This Christmas miracle is now on Redbubble, floating your way to save the damn day. Give him a chance. Give peace a chance.

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