Swamp Goofster Joins the Prankster Gang

Another prankster joins the ranks. Straight from the swamp…


The Classic Swamp Goofster!

He’s here.  And you better believe he’s here just in time. With all this talk about draining the swamp, this classic goofster will have none of it!

With a bunch of Angry Eggplant Boys flying over his homestead, he doesn’t like to stray far from the swamp. But you better believe if you’re invited to his humble abode, he’ll be the best dang host you’ve ever seen!

Another one of the Classic Prankster gang from a previous Sketchbook Friday. That’s two in the books! There’s two more to go from that page, but you better believe I’ll hit the double digits with these gaffsters!

Really wish I could 3d print these little suckers out. I’d make them out of super ball material so you could throw them all over the place. They’d bounce all over the walls, into the sky, right into on coming traffic. Goofster balls. That’s what they would be called. I could picture the commercial for it now.

If only I were skilled in 3d modeling. I’m working on it OKAY?

Could also picture these little fellas in an ap game on a phone. Some kind of dumb Candy Crush type puzzle where you have to match 3 goofsters in a row to get points.

I’ll probably try to make a really crappy story about them too. Like the Classic Swamp Goofster versus the Angry Eggplant Boys on their quest to find the Stoic Tiki Man (coming soon). Something really stupid like that. I also have a robot and a no-nonsense construction worker I have to complete.

The simplicity of these designs make them pretty perfect as t-shirts, though they tend to look pretty dope as stickers too.

This Classic Swamp Goofster is available at the Redbubble shop . I’ll get him on Society6 someday. Someday.

Until next time, my pals!

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