Toad Meets Tiki


Heh, what’d I tell you. SURPRISE. ANOTHER TIKI and HE. IS. PISSED. Or adorable. You decide.

Looks like the love child of Toad and Mumbo from Banjo Kazooie. Looks like that love child got turned into a salt and/pepper shaker by a short fused witch doctor. If I had the option, all my salt shakers would be tikis. All my soap dispensers would be tikis. All my silverware would be tikis. But instead, my fiance has to decorate my whole existence with owls.

Did I mention that I liked owls before it was cool to like owls? Not since the new sites been up. So, there you go. Tikis>Owls. That means tikis greater than owls because the alligator mouth wants to eat the bigger number. MATH. YOU LEARNED IT HERE. NOW USE IT.

AAANYWAY. All vector. All infinitely scalable. This could be the most monstrous wooden monolith you’ve ever seen or the tiniest tiki spice shaker to date.

That cartoony wonder. All that cartoony wonder. Click the pic for a bigger version.

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