Wizard Breath: Redbubble and EyeJack Collab

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Redbubble contacted me to participate in their team up with EyeJack recently.

They partnered with 11 artists around the world to create augmented reality illustrations.

This was so… fucking… cool to be a part of.

Kinda ripped me out of my comfort zone. You all no I’m not very good at this whole animation thing, but dang it I gave it my best.

And I’m happy with the results.

Wizard Breath went through 3 phases. A static one in a galaxy full of nobodies. An augmented reality one that didn’t work. And the final one.

Basically, if you buy a sticker, or an art print, or whatever of this boy… And you download the Eyejack ap and point your phone at it, it moves. It’s pretty dope.

Check out the video because I’m awful at explaining things. There are some artists that are way better at this art thing than me featured too. So please, go support them and tell them I said “hey.”

They’ll be like… Who? Nah don’t know that boy. He’s obsessed with drawing weird gems you say? Hmm.. Still not ringing a bell.

It’s like the future is now, you know? But seriously it’s actually the present, so please don’t get confused.

I’m not sure if anyone caught the wizard brother roll call that appeared somewhere on the Facebook page. There appears to be several magical brothers with a serious addiction to elements and power gems floating around the universe.

Anyway, honored to be included in this. So happy and honored. Please check it out.

PS. Redbubble merged with Teepublic. I’m not exactly sure what that means, but… That’s cool right?

I’ll be releasing the results of the final Halloween poll very shortly so, heh, if you don’t mind…. STAY TUNED.

Okay, love you. Bye.

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