This guy started off in a sketchbook I from 5th grade. He was swinging on a vine throwing a Diet Pepsi to a imprisoned genie.

All the genies in said sketchbook were asking for Diet Pepsis for some reason. There were a lot of weird themes running through this book. Wish I were that creative nowadays. However, there was also a lot of cringe worthy stuff too.

Years later I wanted to re-draw pages from said sketchbook. Unfortunately I ended up only re-creating this guy. The original drawing looked like a bit of Bowser mixed with a slinky. New version looks like Hulk mixed with Earthworm Jim mixed with Venom.

So I redrew him. Ten a year later my parents got me an incredible printer as a xmas gift. I was printing everything under the sun. All my old and new projects on some sweet archival paper. Was about to pull the trigger and print this dude when I discovered that I can print on some BIG ASS PAPER.

I decided to take the drawing and re-design it yet again to fit on a 13″x19″ paper. But I wanted to make it look like an old comic.

I had wanted to stick to a limited color palette too. For some reason I love backing myself into the corner with these weird design challenges. I can only use x amount of colors. I can only use curved lines. Can only use the Pencil Tool in Illustrator. I dunno. It’s weird.

I referenced an old Black Panther comic which I WISH i saved on my computer. I’ll never find it again.

Anyway, experimented with the textures on this one pumping a ton of halftone textures messing with various different stained paper textures tuned into halftone bitmaps.

Had a lot of fun with this one and I’m thinking I’m going to do something similar with it for the House With Duck Feet And Human Arms. We shall see.

Stay safe stay beautiful.

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