Ed Edge — Buzz saw and all

ed edge
Ed Edge. The superhero hedgehog companion.

The creation of Ed Edge goes like this: For the longest time I’ve had  my notebook of ideas sitting in my living room. I had been staring at this crude drawing that I did, probably while half asleep. It said “a porcupine with a buzz saw on its back.” Then it had a really, really crude drawing of said “porcupine.”

I sat there and thought to myself, “heh, well why don’t I make that a thing? Except make it a hedgehog!?” And then I did, and it looks just a little better than the crude drawing previously mentioned!

Are you comparing this to another hedgehog? A hedgehog that can spin dash? WELL DON’T. IT’S DIFFERENT. OKAY!?

Ed Edge was the name of my good friend’s hedgehog. Or at least that’s what I called him. She would always say “NOOO HIS NAME IS JEFFERY” or something and I was like, “meh, it’s Ed Edge.”

Ed Edge was a survivor. One time, he had a tumor on his penis. Such a devastating diagnosis would put any other hedgehog down, but not Ed Edge.

This is an homage to Ed Edge, RIP.

Drew this in Illustrator and tried to use a very VERY limited color pallet. If I’m not mistaken, there’s 3 colors here. Oh crap, maybe four. So maybe not that limited.

Oh I dominated that buzz saw. I think I’m a pro at keyboard shortcuts. I don’t mean to toot my own horn here or anything, but I bet that sucker would’ve broken the average man. Not me, dude. I used a Step + Repeat shortcut to give it those teeth and it saved me about an hour of tedious work. Pretty happy about that AMMIRITE!?

I then put the vector in Photoshop and applied some texture layers at varying opacity. Gave it that subtle grunge look. Oh so subtle.

Ed Edge is available at Redbubble now on all your favorite products OH BOY!

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