eyePhone PLUS version 3 Billion


Check your eyePhone folks, it’s blowing up!

Everybody is going nuts for your bottom-of-the-ocean selfie! The extreme atmospheric pressures of the deep are no match for your new eyePhone version PLUS version 3 Billion X! Instagram a photo of your giant eyeball cranium! See how many re-tweets you get!

Your pupil dilates as you gaze into the wonders of the world wide web. Is that a cat video? Yes. The briny deep stings your eyeball head, but that’s okay, you got a Like!

Scroll down Facebook a bit more! Take this quiz to see which one of the Ninja Turtles you are most compatible with! I hope it’s Leonardo! It’s Donatello. Ugh. No one even likes him.

You completely ignore the fact that you’re on the bottom of the ocean floor… Something literally no one in the world has seen. You also ignore that you’re sitting atop the skull of a giant creature. This creature skull is something no one in the world has seen too.

You look damn good though, in your sweet ripped denim jacket. Better snap another selfie.

This eyePhone is glorious. Add a filter to your underwater adventure (or lack there of). MAKE IT SEPIA TONED. There. Now you look like you’re in the Wild West and at the bottom of the ocean! It’s a mystery why no one is following you yet!

Drew this sketch, photographed it, put it in Illustrator. Traced it with the pen tool for those crisp lines. Had a helluva time deciding how the hell to color it. Decided to go with a few flat, complimentary colors. I feel like I’m getting back into my blue/orange phase so I may need to pump the brakes on that one.

I put it into Photoshop to add a bit of a subtle, textured background.

eyePhone is available at Redbubble now! CHECK IT OUT! Also, check out the details below. Click em to make em big.

eyePhone deet 1
eyePhone deet 2
eyePhone deet 3

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