Jewel Snail trudging along…

jewel snail

Jewel Snail is running the jewels…

Sludging the jewels. Sliming the jewels. This is ridiculous. This is a ridiculous creature.

I was originally going to make him with an infinity spiral on his back… Like a portal or something. I wasn’t quite sure how I could pull that off and make it look like said infinity spiral. So then I was thinking what if I put that classic jewel on this dude’s back? YEAH! BAM.


And then I’m thinking of how cool it would be to have this little turd in a video game. One of those enemies that doesn’t even hurt you. Just kinda slowly trudges along and you can bop them for a free jewel. Stomp on their poor heads like Mario stomps on the koopas. Then the jewel pops off their back and into your sadistic pocket… Use that jewel to buy your stuff! You know!? Is it a pipe dream!? POSSIBLY. But who cares. It’s fun to imagine.

This one was released on Redbubble and Society6 yesterday. I doubt it will catch traction, but WHATEVER. I thought it was cool!

You know what was the biggest pain in the butt here? Drawing the light reflections off that stone. Holy crap. So difficult. It gave me a panic attack because sometimes it would look so good then I’d add another little reflection line and it would COMPLETELY ruin it. Made me realize I need to practice drawing my precious gem stones a bit more. Because you know, I have so many to use for reference. I’ll just pull out my drawer of chaos emeralds.

Other than the jewel, this drawing was quite therapeutic. I’ve kind of taken a step back from the super detailed stuff for a bit. Although I do have Eyeball Mang in the works which may get pretty complex.

Check out some products for Jewel Snail from Society6:

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Stationary Cards | jewel snail cards
Laptop Case | jewel snail laptop case
iPhone Cases | jewel snail phone
Carry-All Pouchesjewel snail carry pouch
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