Throwing it back to August 2012.

In the future, everything will look like this, or so I thought 3 years ago. Clouds will be green. There will be a lot of pipes. And there will be one pipe that looks very phallic. This is the future whether you like it or not.

Traced this whole thing in Illustrator with the pen tool before I was even good with the pen tool. Before I even understood the Pathfinder and extractions and all that jargon. And what did I do after I finished all that hard work? I threw it in Photoshop and TEXTURIZED YOUR EYEBALLS UNTIL THEY BLED. TONE IT DOWN ON THE TEXTURES DUDE. JEEZ.

If I only had a time machine.


[click the pic for a full view]

Try this...

sticker face

Sticker Face Resurfaces!

Sticker Face. The horrible abomination from circa 2012…ish An early drawing done on the Wacom …

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