Private Eye

private eye

PRIVATE EYE! He’s watching you!

He sees your every move! Whoa-oh-oh Private Eye! He’s watching you! PRIVATE EYE!


That’s Hall and Oates.

My pal Al asked me awhile ago to design beer labels for him, as he is becoming quite the brew master. I dragged my feet and was like “yeah yeah.” Then I decided, “waitaminute, that’s a kick ass idea! I’ll design a series of labels in my art style and then photograph them all together!”

He had a couple killer ideas which I won’t be sharing on here (be patient). This one is a mystery themed which I dubbed Private Eye PA (patent pending).

Also have a couple more ideas for this label once I get its final composition laid out. Garbonza wanted something involving some clues! So I got some clue ideas brewing for the brew! HAHAHA! I’ll CLUE YOU IN LATER HAHAHA! Ahem.

A lot of fun to draw. Started from a mere pencil sketch and flourished into some more complex ink work (stupid mustache). Tried this color palette out, not sure how I feel. The beauty is it’s all on layers I can manipulate and change at anytime. Also did a monochromatic one that no one seems to like. That’s ok. View that one below:


I also have a version with the text. That’s strictly for the beer label though. Made some Film Noir typography to stick with that mystery theme.

Check out some detail shots for Private Eye below. Take a look at the pencil sketch and digital ink version too while you are at it.

In other news, I started decorating the man cave with my wife yesterday and it made me realize how empty the walls are and how I desperately need to plaster them with weird and disturbing stuff. That means you can be expecting a lot more drawings coming from me. Anyway, DEETS BELOW:

private eye ink

detail 1

detail 2

detail 3


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