Whatchu Workin On (5/3/16)

I’ve been trying to work on a lot of stuff at once! Reviving some older stuff while cracking away at some new.

Below is the first drawing I ever uploaded to Facebook about 200 + years ago. It’s a picture of a man’s limbs shattering because he’s jay walking… Or something. That’ll teach him. The traffic lights are also very upset.

I’m trying to revive this one in a flat, almost cut paper like fashion. First is mapping out the vectors. I want to stay relatively loyal to the original sketch and use a limited color scheme. First step will be mapping out all these vectors. Then I’m going to add a texture layer over the entire thing to give it that paper feel. Only time will tell if it will work, but the way I have it planned in my head is exciting. The vectors are taking a decent chunk of time though! Check out the original sketch and the progress shot:

j walk

Now, won’t you take another stroll down memory lane with me… To a time where a T-Rex was eviscerated by an extinction comet.

Yeah man, this was another oldie and it was really poorly drawn. Just a ton of airbrushing,  textures and star bursts in Photoshop slapped all over the place.

I think if I recreate it that it might make a decent sticker, though. Some popping colors which I haven’t decided on.  I’m going to add a slight airbrush to it too. Maybe it make it halftone. I’m going to add the words “GAME OVER” behind it too in big, pixelated letters I think. Maybe I’ll do a series of drawings like these.
dino sketchdino pop
dino face

Let’s take a sneak peak now at a beer label in progress for my good pal, Al! He’s up to no good again, brewing an Amber Ale.

He asked me to design it again and I said “you got it dude,” just like Michelle from Full House.

So I started throwing together this little ditty. He wanted something prehistoric stuck in amber, so I made this weird bug dude and of course made him holding a chaos emerald. Or a jewel. Whatever you want to call it, he’s clutching it TIGHT. He’s also some sort of stone-age royalty and wears a floating crown that is polarized so it never actually rests on his head. That makes sense right? Still in early phases, but I’m really looking forward to seeing how it evolves. Check it out below, it’s just pencil work for now (UPDATE: See the finished version HERE):

butler's brew pencils

Try this...

yeti in a snowstorm featured image

Yeti In A Snowstorm Ice Cream

So I guess the name of the company would be Yeti In A Snowstorm. And …

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