Infinite Glom Appeared

infinite glom 773 x 1000

Infinite Glom appeared, and he’s ready to grant you 4 wishes.

Not three. Four. He doesn’t like the number 3. He floats in a void somewhere between time and space, sometimes popping out to say “hey” and wave his severed arms around. He’s also got a pretty dope arm tattoo and he’s not afraid to show it off. Glom lives in the same universe as Glop and Glorb, by the way… Because you know me! I’m all about continuity!

infinite glom sketchThis guy? Heh, this guy took awhile to nail down. That’s just because I completely and totally lost interest in the shitty sketch I had drawn. BUT GUYS! I have said it before and I’ll say it again: DON’T GIVE UP ON PROJECTS. SEE THEM THROUGH. This is another example of me being pretty happy with not giving up on a project. If I had, our dude Glom would cease to exist, and all his lavender appendages would never have caressed your sweet, sweet monitor. Gentle now, Glom (those nails are sharp and well manicured).

Also, as you can see in the sketch he was originally supposed to be popping out of a cliche Aladdin genie lamp. Glad I nixed that, it really messed up the symmetry.

You know what ended up being cool about this guy? How well he worked on both light and dark mediums. I was kinda surprised that I liked how it displayed on a dark t-shirt better than the white like I had initially planned! Oh boy, what joy I had when I discovered its versatility.

Infinite Glom is at ALL the shops. You got him at Redbubble. You got him at Society6. You got him at DesignByHumans. You even got him at TeePublic.  I’m actually kind of surprised I didn’t write about this earlier. It must’ve slipped through the cracks WHOOPS!

Anyway, check out Infinite Glom Appeared in the slider below. It’s some stuff that Redbubble offers. SCOPE IT!

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Unisex Shirt | infinite glom shirt
Tote Bag | infinite glom bag
Stickers | stickers
Pillow | pillow
iPhone Cases/Skins | infinite glom iphone
Mugs | mugs
Laptop Case | laptop case
Hardcover Journal | journal
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