Strange Emblem Design

Strange Emblem 550 x 831

Strange Emblem, is… Strange… Isn’t it?

I was into simple icon design when I made this. Really basic line weights. Alternative uses of shading. Basically one color. Yup. Strip it down to the.. Skeleton. GET IT!?


The strange emblem was made to try my hand in some icon designs/branding. It might be corny, but whatever.

I know what you’re thinking, “WHAT DOES THE 86 MEAN!?” Heh, don’t worry about it.

I got inspired to do this after I went down an Instagram rabbit hole of some really, really cool graphic t-shirt designs. There are some super creative people out there. I often find myself getting lost and endlessly clicking through Instagram and Tumblr for inspiration.

Staying true to myself and my themes. Cyclops skull? Check. Chaos Emerald gem things? Check. Daggers? Check. The only thing missing (and yes, I tried to work it in) is the fire coming from the cyclops skull. It threw the balance off too much so I regrettably had to leave it out.

The yellow background was a last minute addition when I put the Strange Emblem on Redbubble. The site gives you the option to add background colors to certain products and as I was uploading the laptop design I accidentally clicked the color picker to yellow. Call it a happy accident, because I think it looks way better than it originally had as just black and white. As you know, I’m a sucker for yellow and black. You know, I did a series with it

I think it looks pretty good on all the products to be honest, especially the shirts which is really what I was aiming for. I liked the challenge of limiting the linework to bare minimum. It was fun to play around with in Adobe Illustrator.

Check out the Strange Emblem at Redbubble and take a look at some samples of products in the slider below!

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Unisex shirts | Strange emblem shirt
Tote Bag | totes
Stickers | stickers
Laptop Case | Laptop Case
Studio Pouch (large) | studio pouch
iPhone Case/Skin | iPhone
iPhone Wallet | iPhone Wallet
Hardcover Journal | hardcover journal
Mugs | Mugs
Spiral Notebook | spiral notebook
Throw Pillow | pillow
Drawstring Bag | strange emblem draw bag
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