SHUT UP! (August 2013)

shut up

Throwing it back to August 2013. The original “SHUT UP!” Just stumbled upon the speed sketch for this little ditty and went digging to find the finished project. I thought it was in the graveyard after the other site imploded, but sure enough it had a home on my Tumblr.

This particular drawing raises a lot of questions.

First off: What sparked this? I mean, it’s pretty brutal. Not quite sure why this frog dude was talking so much smack, but one thing’s for sure… He was talking so much smack that the smack started hittin’ back! He shoulda shut his mouth. He shoulda… SHUT UP… Heh.

Where did the tongue get the sword? Did it pick it up outside the frog dude’s body? Or was it somewhere embedded deep within his body? That would hurt a lot coming out if it is the later.

Where did the frog dude find his duds? They look like what people thought we would wear in the future in the 50’s or something. Form fitting speed suit with rings around the neck and waist. What is the point of the neck ring though? It seems almost dangerous. Especially when you’re trying to regurgitate a pirate sword out your esophagus.

I might recreate this one — looking back at it now I’ve decided I hate his stupid legs. Would not mind changing the color palette up too. This was from my blue, green, pink, yellow phase. Looks like a deflated Stretch Armstrong doll. Oh well. I do like that halftone texture in the background.

Also might try to upload this to the respective shops. Might look decent on a graphic tee, a laptop skin, a mug, etc. But that’s if I can find the file. Ok… I’ll… Shut up… Heh… Check the video below:


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