oof, a flood. Heh.

Here’s a peak into my life!

I was very excited to receive the Giraffe Prism print I ordered from Redbubble. So much so that I dragged my wife and daughter to the store to by a frame for it.

“Oh boy, what joy,” I thought! I couldn’t wait to throw that long necked boy into a weathered frame. And I found the perfect one!

I ran home, put the drawing in a frame, ran down stairs to put it in my office AND STEPPED ON A SOGGY SOGGY RUG. My feet were wet. WHAT A STINK.

Water heater broke. Basement was flooded. Oh boy. No joy.

I was FLOODED with emotions HEH!

It was actually a really horrible experience that I’m still dealing with to this day and made me realize I am terribly unprepared for crisis as an adult.

But the Giraffe Prism print looks dope. And Ms. Manuel let me hang it in the dining room, so I guess that’s a small victory.

I think it looks really good and I’m proud of it.

I like framing things. I really enjoy it.

glass glare


dat ass
dat ass…


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