STRAW BARRY BLAST: Designing a Vintage Cereal Box

straw barry
In all his beauty, Straw Barry Blast

This was a project I had in mind for a long time which I was able to catch a bit of the process for.

Wasn’t initially planning on making an actual tangible prototype but once I dove it into and got the design to the point where I was happy I wanted to go all out.

My buddy Beans gave me the idea for the name after I drew the character. It was a lot of fun to bounce ideas of my pals for this one.

I based off it off the classic Boo Berry, Count Chocula, Frankenberry characters from General Mills.

Took a crack at several different versions of this idiot. It was maddening.

straw barry
The original incarnation of “Straw Barry” was a lot worse. Looked like crap. I tried to push it through digitally, but ended up scrapping it and going back to the drawing board a couple times.

Designed the whole box as a foldable template including the sides, top and bottom. Had fun trying to come up with the nutrition facts and side blurb. It’s pretty ridiculous but it was a lot of fun. Here’s the full box template.

The spread.

Check out a video of the printing as well as the finished prototype below.

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