Tiki Trouble: Re-Coloring the Masks

I really liked this design when I first made it. At first I made the decision not to color it but since then I wondered what it would look like color. Since I got the time nowww…

So I used a different tactic in coloring this one than usual. Usually I build the line work then merge everything into a solid base color. Then I use the pen tool to block out the color

This time, I used the Live Paint tool which was friggin’ awesome. It was almost relaxing to use. Point and click coloring. Amazing. It’s something I’ve used in the past but got so set in my ways I haven’t visited it in a long time.

Took the original line work and started dropping some color bombs in. Tried to make it varied as possible. Didn’t want any color to be more dominant than another. Really had a bit of trouble with that at first as I seemed to lean more towards the purples and blues. Then suddenly I was all about the warm palette.

Finally got it how I wanted. Felt pretty balanced. I thought it needed a border so I added a double stroked, rounded-corner border boy.

Really want to do a live video of this talking with some pals. If you’re down please let me know. I think it’ll be a grand ol’ time. Unfortunately I need to upgrade my software as it’s still living in 2010.

Just uploaded this on Redbubble and Teepublic. Some of the products are repeating patterns of this which looks pretty neat. Check out the GIF below for a shot of them all! Yahoo!

Thanks for the hang pals stay safe stay beautiful.

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