NEW RELEASE: Fruit Pal Beers!

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That’s right pals. The Fruit Pals are back and they’re also beers now! Can ya believe it? After 4 painful years of careful construction and taste testing, Sassafrass brewing has released another BANGER of a beer series!

Let’s start from the top with everyone’s favorite slippery boy. That’s right the most a-peeling of them all…

banana beer can

BANANA BART West Coast Style Lager5.2% ABV – This dark golden colored lager hugs the palate with mediocre intensity. It has a subtle malty aroma which is complemented by the gentle nose of Banana that is about to go bad. You should probably put those bananas in the freezer and make them into banana bread later, but you waited too long. That kind of banana aroma. Its flavor unfolds with a slippery sparkle and a dull crispness, which balances its hopeless aroma perfectly.

strawberry steven beer can picture

STRAWBERRY STEPHENStrawberry Blonde Ale4.3% ABV – Pale and Wheat malts lay the foundation for this smooth, confident and seductive beer. Then suddenly there’s a refreshing and sensual infusion of juicy homegrown strawberries from someone’s backyard.  At just 4.3% ABV, Strawberry Stephen comes together as an incredibly quenching beer with a crisp finish. Oh baby.

watermelon beer can

OH! WATERMELON! – Watermelon Gose5.1% ABV – Nothing says summer like a trifecta of watermelon babies! This German sour ale becomes a new American quencher with the addition of a watermelon puree made from abandoned watermelon triplets separated at birth. The tart, salty sourness from kettle-souring with sour chemicals gives the beer a dry, crisp quality that is the perfect complement to the watermelon added after fermentation. If we throw science at you, you won’t feel bad about drinking helpless watermelon children!

peach beer can

AWKWARD PEACHMidwest Coast IPA4.5% ABV – Aromas of peach, obviously. Effervescent and light in body, with a lot of malted wheat character for some reason. Subtle undertones of a little bit of sneaky peach and… clove. Complex flavor profile that you probably wouldn’t understand. It’s just a lot of peach. Might actually be too much…. Like you know when it’s that fake tasting peach flavoring? Like that.

Wow! what an incredible, totally real line up of fantastic beers! I hope you can get your hands on at least one of them! Hope they don’t sell out on ya and ya can’t even get your hands on a single one! Hope that doesn’t happen to ya!

Which beer are you itching to try? Let me know!

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