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Evil Owl: Updated and Available

evil owl

Evil Owl… Yeah remember him from 2013? Well… EVIL OWL IS BACK. By that I mean Evil Owl is available at the respective shops. Back in my heavy handed days with the Wacom tablet. I managed to sketch out a few owl drawings for my girlfriend (now wife). She loves owls. She didn’t love this one. It is somewhat terrifying. …

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Wall Tapestry. For Your Wall.

wall tapestry

Wall tapestry. Popping off at Redbubble. I’m pluggin’ away at these sweet things. They’re taking me awhile, but the end result looks oh so crisp. The files are pretty huge, so scaling up my vectors is putting my laptop through some strife. Got some of the important ones done though! What can you say about a wall tapestry? Comes in …

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Rascal of Gem Pluckin’ on Society 6

rascal feat

Tote bag | T-shirt | Zip Up Hoody | Towels | Wall clocks | Pillows | Mug | Laptop sleeve | Shower curtain | Stationery cards | Leggings | All Over Print Shirt | iPhone case/skins | Duvet Cover | Wall Tapestry | THAT Ol’ GEM PLUCKIN’ RASCAL. He finally made his way over to Society6! I’ve been going through …

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Contrast Tanks for you to snag

Fresh Pineapple | Great Horned Owl | Bye | FEED ME YOUR PLANETS | We Are Not Alone | Astro Brachiosaurus | eyePhone | Bamber Man’s Last Stand | Irradiated Gorilla Brains | Contrast Tanks for you to snag! They’re here! They’re at the Redbubble shop! I’m digging the Contrast Tanks, mainly because I have completely control over their background color. That’s pretty cool right? Redbubble’s been pumping …

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iPhone Wallets HEEEEEEA

wallets feat

Can’t Be Beet iPhone Wallet | Sahnic Staaaahp iPhone Wallet | The Greate Ape iPhone Wallet | Graffiti Breath iPhone Wallet | Man We’re Such Good Friends iPhone Wallet | Monsters In My Pockets iPhone Wallet| FEED ME YOUR PLANETS iPhone Wallet | Astro Brachiosaurus iPhone Wallet | Wallets galore over at Redbubble! Well, the iPhone wallet that is. I’m …

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Chiffon Tops at the RB

chiffon feat

Great Horned Owl | FEED ME YOUR PLANETS | Irradiated Gorilla Brains | Liquid Fever | How To Make a Homemade Mummy | BLYL#1 Inverse| eyePhone | Chiffon tops are now available at Redbubble for all you sexy ladies out there. Or dudes too! If you like chiffon tops! They have actually been there for a bout a month now. …

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Black Leather Yellow Leather AGAIN?

Black Leather Yellow Leather bonanza! This is the last time I’ll touch this project. I wanted to see if I could make the designs work on a standard t-shirt. I finally pulled it off. I think Black Leather Yellow Leather: No 1 looks really cool on one too. Check that out below: Women’s T-Shirt | Tank Top | Men’s T-Shirt | Also made …

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Elephart Brings the Ele-PHUNK

Elephart is BACK and he’s bring that PHUNK. By popular demand, Elphart pops into the Society6 and Redbubble shops. 

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Winston Brick’s Sweet Kicks

Winston Bricks making a comeback! I came across my dapper buddy here and said “why the heck isn’t he existing on Redbubble or Society 6?” Well, now he is! Everybody’s favorite office gorilla/tiki/frankenstein man can be yours on a variety of projects! crazy right? It’s crazy. This was part of the last Inktober I took part in. Never really got …

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Products This Week!

Added to the Redbubble shop this week! How to Make a Homemade Mummy and Gopher Guts. Both tributes to Aesop Rock songs. Check out some products in the sliders below! Shirt |          Graphic Tee | Hardcover Journal | Duvet Cover [King] | Throw Pillow | Laptop Skin | iPad Case/Skin | iPhone Skin/Case | Laptop Sleeve |  Shirt | …

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