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Gold Edition GGG&D: Get it now!

gold edition

GOLD! GOLD! GOLD! WATCH OUT, SON! IT’S HERE. THE GOLD EDITION! I colored the Ghouls, Ghosts, Gems & Daggers, and it’s looking fresh on most EVERYTHING. That sweet gold tint pops on the graphic tee and looks sweet on the shield sticker. I’m hyped on this one, for now. I think it came out really cool with the gradient. 24 …

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Worm Merch Available Now

worm featured

Worm By Any Other Name available now at Redbubz and Society 6. Everybody’s favorite earth worm in a mechanical muscle man suit with a backpack full of snot. Maybe it’s a drawstring backpack full of snot. Society6 is KILLING IT WITH THIS DESIGN. Maybe I’m just happy to see a design look decent on leggings and the all over tee, …

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Tearing Me Apart Lisa Available Now!


LISA! You’re tearing me apart! Just updated this sucker in the Redbubz shop and it came out kinda cool on some of the later additions. Kind of a generic idea, but I dig it. Did this drawing back in 2012 or ’13. Back when I was doing some skateboard-esque style designs. Like some sort of dumb World Industries character that …

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CANT BE BEET Now Available

cant be beet

CANT BE BEET. WONT BE BEET. Awwwwww hell no! Not this guy! Not that grumpy veggie! You done plucked the wroooong root hombre! Get ready for a BEET down, because CANT BE BEET angrily gnarls his way into the Redbubz shop! I feel like I’m announcing a new Super Smash Brothers character. I thought this drawing was buried forever (pun …

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Great Ape Merch Now Available

great ape

Great Ape isn’t messin’ around okay? He’s not… Monkeyin’ around either! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ahem. The Great Ape is now available at the Redbubble shop in tons and tons of formats. I put almost every format you can purchase this love on above. And this just in: Great Ape is now at the Society 6 shop too! And lemme tell you right …

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Owl See You Later Available Now!

Owl See You Later

Owl See You Later available now and updated in the Redbubble shop! Oh boy what joy! This one is a bit on the older side. It was a pioneer design in the Spreadshirt days. A little less gruesome and or disturbing than I usually draw, but whatever! Everyone needs an owl wearing mustache glasses holding an ancient scroll that reads …

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Graffiti Breath Stuff Available Now!

Graffiti Breath

Graffiti Breath, a throw back from 2013, now available at that sweet, sweet Redbubble shop. A severed, tiki-esque head breathing out some funky-fresh CO2. Started as a pen doodle on the back of a wine price tag. Smuggled that sucker home and scanned the HELL outta it. Threw him into Photoshop and you know what? I digitized that somebitch. Graffiti …

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Undead Unicorn Merch Available Now!

Undead Unicorn

Undead Unicorn FINALLY made it’s way to the Redbubble shop. Took me long enough, considering it had been living at Society 6 for a number of months. Go figure. One of my personal favorites of the Awful Alphabet, Undead Unicorn is a disturbing mess of a letter, complete with bloated and veiny udders and a warped and twisted horn. Udder-ly …

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Primitive Primate Available Now!

Primitive Primate

Primitive Primate. Meditating. Levitating. It doesn’t matter, because this primate is the PRIME APE.  I originally called this one Primitive Possum of Transcendence, but now looking back on it, I think it looks more like a monkey. One cool monkey who can defy gravity and has a gross tail. Or is that his viscera? I hope not. Primitive Primate is …

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Mummified Slender Man Available Now

Mummified Slender Man

Mummified Slender Man… What? What a stretch. But hey, whatever. I don’t even consider him really even mummified. It looks like he may have burned his face pretty badly or something. But then again, did Slender Man have a face to begin with? Maybe a better name would have been No Legs Burn Victim Slender Man. Whatever, he’s Mummified Slender …

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