Building a Royal Family: Chess Pieces

Next on the list was to design chess pieces.

heavy handed sketch

Started off per usual with the sketchbook, pumping out some very heavy handed doodles. The Pawn is like a little nerd worker dude. The Rook is a beefy castle that looks like a WHOMP from Mario. The Knight is, of course, Luke the Donkey (I’ll upload more about that one later). The Queen is the same queen I’m using in my card deck. And the King is similar to that as well. Does the Bishop look familiar?

Blocked out the colors using only gray and pink thinking I was going to change it later, but then didn’t. Kinda like how the pink and gray work.

Challenge was keeping the same line thicknesses for every character. Especially the Knight. That one in particular drove me nuts.

Finished product in a slide show at the bottom here.. If you wanna see the animated check it here.

Getting close to the end of the list now! Only 4 or 5 left I think.

Try this...

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