Ghost Spit


Throwing it back to October 2012, when I was just rockin out in my Toyota Corolla to some sweet El-P jams on my sweet iPod which was later stolen by what I assume was a greasy fat man pursing his fingers in the YMCA locker room.  I was also getting down with Aesop Rock for days, and days, and days. And even still to this day.

For some reason I felt compelled to put some sweet lyrics in the back of this little… Weird thing. A little collage business going on here. Sketched in a notebook, cut out, pasted, so on.

Kinda different for me.

Listen to El-P. Listen to Aesop Rock. Also, listen to Mastadon. And Queens of the Stone Age. Just listen to good music, OK?

Try this...

sticker face

Sticker Face Resurfaces!

Sticker Face. The horrible abomination from circa 2012…ish An early drawing done on the Wacom …

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