No Problemo

no problemo

So, this was one of the very first drawings I ever put into Photoshop and colored. I thought it fitting to be the first installment in the Archives section. It was for a college Illustration class. The assignment was to illustrate something for a “hip” New Bedford Mexican restaurant. New Bedford is a fishing community, known for whaling… and Scrimshaw I bet.  And you know… Cacti and harpoons and skateboarding mariachis. For some reason that all made sense to me. Also, a man breathing fire behind a skateboard that doubles as an x-ray. Oh boy!

I didn’t even know what I was doing — But it was fun as all hell.

These dudes were drawn as tiny, tiny, tiny little sketchbook drawings and then blown up to fit on this print. I’ll be honest, man… This is really what got me really loving drawing and digital art. Had an awesome teacher who was very inspiring and helpful. Just an all around cool guy who really motivated me.

So here you go, No Problemo. Click the pics for larger views. Enjoy some details.

deet shot 3detail shot 2Detail shot 1

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