Monkey Pizza Surfer

monkey pizza surfer image

Monkey Pizza Surfer was a tough one.

As you know if you follow STA on facebook, this is one on my list that has been on there for awhile. I’ve been trying to draw it since the beginning of the lock down. I kept getting frustrated and stepping back. I couldn’t figure out how to get the monkey to ride a pizza.

I really wanted him to be riding it like a magic carpet but I COULD. NOT. DRAW IT. So eventually I posted just started rockin with an ugly sketch and powering through. I could not draw the god damn hands to save my life. I drew them at least 20 times. So frustrating and humbling.

  • original sketch
  • sketch 1

Finally got it to where I accepted it was the best I could do. Did the line work in my ancient Illustrator. After that I blocked out the darker tones. Then I started the color using a limited palette. Pretty happy with how the colors came out. There’s a couple things I would change here, but I really want to bury this one forever as it was one of the more frustrating things I’ve drawn (even though it may not look it).

process animation

Uploaded this to Redbubble and Teepublic. It’ll probably get inexplicably taken down for a ridiculous copyright claim that has nothing to do with it. For some reason that has been happening a lot lately and it drives me mental. Check it out while you can!

monkey on a tshirt

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